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     Don't settle for mediocre cleaning services, choose the best with Carpet Cleaner White City for their exceptional and recommended house cleaning services.
Edward D.17/05/2024
     Thank you to the cleaning service for their exceptional work, my house looks like it just got a makeover. I appreciate it!
Robin Fisher27/03/2024
     Exceptional care and remarkable proficiency from the team at Cleaning Company White City. Having used their services twice now, we can confidently say that they provide excellent results.
Seth Danielson11/03/2024
     After today's expert carpet cleaning session, my home feels completely refreshed and inviting again - all thanks to the hardworking and meticulous cleaner.
Ellie R.01/03/2024
     Mind-blowing service! I have used them twice now, and each time has been nothing short of amazing in terms of timeliness and quality.
     Got my first clean done by Cleaning Company White City recently and couldn't be happier with the results! The cleaners that attended were extremely friendly and provided an excellent service! Will most certainly use them again in the near future.
Nadia T.06/02/2023
     If you are looking to switch your cleaning service you should definitely give WhiteCityCarpetCleaners a chance. They do great work on my property, and they have better rates than most of the local cleaning companies.
Arabella J.21/05/2020
     The cleaners did a great job today. Am so happy that my house is clean.
     Perfect service in my opinion, I can't think of a single thing WhiteCityCarpetCleaners could improve on, their house cleaning is very effective and reasonably priced and the people who work there are so nice. Great job.
Kimber Rushett22/01/2018
      White City Carpet Cleaners offered us a special offer on our home cleaning which other companies that we had looked into didn't mention. Thanks to this, we hired a company that saved us money and also cleaned our home from top to bottom.
Matt Knox15/09/2017
     WhiteCityCarpetCleaners did a wonderful job in our new home. They were very prompt to arrive and got down to work immediately. They took care of all the surfaces and fabrics in the house and made sure that each was cleaned thoroughly. Even the communication with the office staff was very helpful and they were great at accommodating requests and rearrangements. I absolutely loved the service and I'm definitely going to use them again.
M. Woods18/02/2015
     I threw a bit of a raucous party at my house and DISASTER! When I awoke the next day I saw that my expensive new upholstery was marked and stained. I did not know what to do, but I know that my friend uses WhiteCityCarpetCleaners so I called them to see if they had any advice on how to deal with my sofa. One of their friendly cleaners was around in a flash and with all of the products and equipment she had my battered sofa looking as good as new in no time. Whilst she was visiting she also offered to clean the oven too. An extremely helpful and personable service that goes the extra mile.
John Thompson30/06/2014
     Of all the times I've had my home professionally cleaned, only one of them has left me totally happy. When I hired WhiteCityCarpetCleaners, it was on the basis of several friends recommending their services and their fantastic prices. As such, I was more than happy to give them my business, at least on a temporary basis. But after seeing what they can do, I am totally satisfied with the service and will definitely be hiring them again in the future. They got into all those nooks and crannies which are so often overlooked and really showed their expertise.
Beverly Brown19/03/2014